Love U Get Tested & Love U Practice Abstinence - "Embrace who you are each day love U"
God is love, and that love is truth, comfort, and strength. Allow Love to mold you into a better woman, man, or teen.
The HIV epidemic may not be affecting you or someone you know, but it is affecting our community. Change begins with each of us. Approximately 1.1 million people are living with HIV in the United States and 56,000 new infections are reported annually. 
The Love U Foundation urges you to take your health seriously,and Love U first by practicing abstinence, getting tested and practicing safe sex. Our spiritual health, mental health, and physical health make us better for loved ones.
 Thank you for visiting our site,and continue to visit periodically because there is more to come soon.
HIV is a reality and so is Love, choose Love. Embrace who U are each day,Love U!
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