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Love U Get Tested!
The rate of new infections are increasing yearly.  Between 54% and 70% of sexual transmissions of HIV are via people unaware of their HIV status.
What is Buddy Testing?
Everyone has friends they share everything with, and there are some that share everything with their significant other or a relative.
Why not share a few moments together to get tested with your special friend, significant other, or family member?
Bring them with you to the testing center for moral support, or ask them to go because they need the moral support. 
Host your own buddy testing event.
One of five people  in the United States are unaware of their status.  Please reach out and schedule testing for your loved ones.  See our contact page for info to reach us and discuss details.
Please contact the Love U Foundation to host your testing event.
Where do I go for Buddy Testing?
You can grab a loved one and  go to your preferred primary care physician or a local testing site.
If you need guidance on where to get tested please visit  Type in your zip code and  you will get the best options in your area.
Be aware each individual will go through an individual counseling session due to privacy, however going together can make the process less stressful.
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