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Love U Foundation Inc is dedicated to shaping our youth for their future, prevention and empowerment.  HIV/AIDS does not discriminate and can affect anyone you know. Please take a stand against HIV/AIDS to aid Love U Foundation, Inc in reaching the community.

Love U Foundation, Inc programs are all rooted in love.
All youth are welcome.
NEXT Mentoring Program
Next is to assist youth in transitioning through each stage of life with HIV and setting goals.  This program will encourage youth to reach their goals by providing intern opportunities, college preparation and mentors. This mentoring program will connect youth with others that understand their challenges. This program will encourage abstinence and healthy life choices. Coming soon.

This program provides assistance to the positive community and focuses on Love U Foundation giving back in service and love.  We will offer scholarships for positive youth to further their education following college.  We will also provide gift cards for positive youth during the Christmas season.  Youth will have an opportunity to volunteer at our monthly love projects within the community.
This program incorporates healthy eating, exercise and support in leading healthy lives.

Buddy Testing
We will host and facilitate "Buddy Testing" parties to instill principles of healthy living. Actively encourage and provide testing for our clients and community.
This program focuses on spiritual, physical and mental health among all.  This program also incorporates spiritual enrichment for youth and adults.
Love is Magnetic
We will focus on maintaining  healthy relationships with abstinence, safe sex and testing among couples. We will provide education, info for caretakers, support, testing and activities while focusing on healthy life choices. This group will provide information to sharpen job skills, financial planning, death planning and more.
Put a Nail in It Teen Girls & Women's Program
This series of workshops will provide spiritual reinforcement for adult women and teens. We desire to provide support through women sharing with other women.
We will encourage unity among all women, discouraging negative stigma.
Please contact Love U Foundation if you are interested in becoming a mentor for an HIV positive youth ages 11-24.
Healthy Living
Workshops are offered on prevention, health and testing.
Each program within Love U is focused on education, healthy living, love and unity.
Change begins with one, will you be the one to evoke change within your community.
Please continue to visit our site to view our upcoming calendar of events. Love U Foundation will have more events coming very soon. We look forward to seeing you. Please email us or call if you are interested in volunteering. Thanks!
Please contact our offices at 832-646-3516  for information on sponsoring programs or events.  We appreciate your support, and remember  your donations support "Healthy Living".
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